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WIN a gorgeous set of tattoos (that you won’t regret years later!)

IF like me you love tattoos… but are a bit of a wuss when it comes to the thought of going under the needle, then this my friends is the competition for you! This is your chance to win a stunning set of tattoos that you can use to decorate your skin (or your outfit) safe in the knowledge that when you’ve had enough of them, you can remove them

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TODAY is a special day… Because this blog of mine which started as just an online place where I could ramble about stuff and share pretty things, has turned three years old! Admittedly still a young ‘un by all blogging accounts but there’s no doubt about it, it’s growing up fast. The last three years have been incredible. Sure, it’s not all been plain sailing, there have been times when

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What I’ve learned about blogging in three years

TOMORROW, I will have been blogging for three years! Three whole years, I can hardly believe it! It feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye and in some ways it has, but when I look back to how it all started and think about everything that’s happened since then, well it’s just incredible really. Tomorrow I’ll chat more about my blogging birthday but today, today let’s

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AS a knackered parent getting down and dirty between the sheets is often the very last thing on my mind these days. Most parents will know that life is full on, there’s often very little time for a decent conversation, let alone anything else let’s face it! Then add into the mix; ¬†work, life, house stuff, errands, as well as trying to squeeze in seeing friends and family, and it’s

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The perfect Valentine gift with Wrap.Me

I THINK I may have just created the easiest personalised Valentine’s Day gift in the world. Seriously, I think you may just love this one guys. (And love me for it too!) It’s simple to do, costs very little and all it requires is a little effort and thought. (Which really is what Valentine’s Day is all about is it not?) I created this gift with Wrap.Me, a super brilliant

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EVERYWHERE I turn, everywhere I look, I am surrounded by inspiring women. Extraordinary women.Women who have survived and thrived against the odds. Women who achieve the most incredible things. Women who continually strive to be their best. So many women in my life inspire me and make me want to be better, from my mum to my three sisters, to my mother in law to my best friends. All of

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How to get the most out of your creativity

AS a professional blogger one of the things I often find the most challenging is coming up with new ideas for posts. On a good day, I can come up with at least half a dozen belting ideas but every so often, just like anyone else, I have days when I am stuck in an idea fog. What can I say? It happens to the best of us. Thankfully a

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Stepping out in ‘Air & Grace’

WHAT if I told you I’d found the comfiest boots in the world? Would you believe me? It’s a bold claim to make I know. And is of course, pretty darn impossible to prove. However, if these Air & Grace boots aren’t the comfiest boots in the world, I’m in no doubt, that they will come up close. I know quite a bit about shoes you see. In my twenties

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