All About You – Shoot The Moon!

All About You - Shoot The MoonPOWERFUL that, isn’t it?

These words by Anne Lamott – which I came across and shared last week for my new #wisdominheels project – have lingered around in my thoughts since I read them.

They have stayed there, locked into my consciousness, stubborn, persistent and loud.

A reminder to grab life with both your hands and live boldly. Indeed, to live fearlessly.

I’ve always been a bit of a ‘feisty one’, it’s part of my character and genetic make up. So living boldly hasn’t really ever been that much of a problem for me.

If someone tells me not to do something, I do it. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I just think ‘ we will see‘ and prove them wrong.

So the boldness hasn’t been a problem, no siree. But the channelling of it, well that’s a different story.

Being a rebel without a cause, sure makes for an interesting life, yes. But, as I have since learned in adulthood, being a rebel with a cause, is what it’s ALL about.

I don’t seek to gain excitement from living life on the edge, any more. And being reckless and rebellious, just for the hell of it, no longer gets my blood pumping.

But being courageous in my actions for a greater good? That I love.

Being bold with my choices so I can grow and develop as a woman? That I adore.

Make no mistake, being bold and being passionate for the right reasons, can and will change your life.

Whether you want to start a blog or create a business. Whether you want to loose some weight or get a grip of your temper. Whether you want to build a new life for yourself or repair the one you have, it all begins by staying true to who you are and living fearlessly.

On Saturday night, as I was getting ready to go out with friends, I pondered for a minute or two about my chosen outfit. It was a short playsuit, probably designed for a woman much younger than me.

My instinct told me to wear it because I loved it and how it looked, but my head was saying, “you know what lady, you’re probably just a bit too old for this!”

But, as I questioned my decision, I suddenly remembered these words as well as my own advice (about there being no rules) and I decided to keep it on.

The head lost, my gut instinct won and me and my playsuit had one hell of a good time.

Fear 0. Katie 1.

What can I tell you? It felt amazing.

(And just so you know what I’m on about, here it is!… x)




All About You – How to take part!

This week I’m delighted to be co-hosting the marvellous All About You link up again with my beautiful blogging friend and a true inspiration, Zaz from Mama & More.

Onto you and the linkupthe kids are cute, but this linky is all about YOU!

You can link blog posts or Instagram images (Instagram hashtag #allaboutyounow) – your style, thoughts, opinions, projects, anything YOU!  We simply ask that you please visit at least one of our posts, and as many other linkers as you’d like to share comment love, like or Pin.  You know how this works!

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Mama and More
Party rules – this is short and sweet (just like me!)

1. Please link posts specific to the theme of this party – this is your space to link up posts all about YOU, whether it’s style, fitness, food, concerts or sky-diving!

2. Please link the URL of your specific AllAboutYou post, and please feature the badge or mention the linky, because it’s a nice thing to do ; )

3. Please do give some comment love – don’t just link-dump!  Karma Karma Karma!

Guest Hosting

If you’d like to guest-host , just get in touch, guest-hosting is a great way to gain new readers, boost traffic and discover other new blogs too along the way!

Now, let’s get on with the party!

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