AS a teenager I thought I knew it all.

You could even say, I was quite the handful.

I had plenty of runs in with my Mum over the years as I battled for independence and a yearning to grow up fast. I wanted to run before I could walk, which looking back now, must have been so painful for my Mum. (Sorry, Mum!)

But guess what?

I didn’t know it all.  In fact, I knew very little!

As a rebellious teen, I lived and I learned – more often than not, the hard way. So as a thank you to my lovely Mum – and in collaboration with Littlewoods and their new, rather brilliant #MumsKnowBest campaign – here are some of the things she told me, that I wish I had listened to, back then, many yonks ago.

See Mum, I may not have paid attention, but I did indeed listen.

I love you.

Me and Mum 2

“That skirt is too short!”

When I was in my mid teens, I wore skirts that just about covered my bottom. I loved them and they sure caught the attention of the boys but… Mum was right, they were far too short.

They gave of the wrong message, they looked a little bit desperate and well, how can I say this, they just didn’t look very nice.

But you know you live and you learn these things! And hey if you can’t wear a ridiculously short skirt when you’re a youngster and are size ‘teeny tiny’ when the heck can you?

But Mum was right. A short skirt that is a couple of so inches longer looks so much classier.


“You are too young for a / b or c!”

I once remember in an argument with my Mum, shouting; “it’s my life!”.

I cannot have been any older than 15 or 16 at the time and I don’t remember what it was we were arguing about but I can guess that it was probably about me wanting to do something before I was ready and my Mum telling me I was too young to date much older boys, wear that outfit or go out clubbing etc, etc, etc.

At the time, her protectiveness felt like a prison (I am totally a free spirit), but now I’m older (and thankfully) wiser, I get it!

There were indeed too many times when I was too young to do – a, b or c, even though I did them anyway. So sorry Mum, you were spot on again.


“One day you will understand why I worry so much.”

I cannot deny this one. Having Elsie in my life means I am now a constant worrier!

Part of the role of a parent is fretting over your child / children and worrying if they are ok, all of the time. So yes Mum, thank you. I get it now.

And I am truly sorry for all the sleepless nights! (And not just the ones when I was a baby).


“You are too laid back about stuff!”

I’ve always done what I’ve needed to do, to get by. And I still occasionally leave stuff to the last minute, even if I’m given weeks to get something done.

Over the past few years I’ve come to realise that this suits my personality. It’s not that I’m lazy, far from it, it’s just that I work and perform better when I’m under pressure.

So if the pressure isn’t there? Well, I have to create it.

But my Mum was right.

Because sometimes being laid back about stuff isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it means you don’t get jobs done, sometimes it means you mess things up, sometimes it means people don’t respect you as much.

Leaving everything until the last minute isn’t the best way to live or work. You have to be smarter than that.


“You will get yourself into trouble doing that!”

Oh and how I did!

My teenage years were full of all kinds of personal scrapes and painful lessons learned.

Yes I had lots of fun too, but now I look back and wish that I hadn’t gotten myself in quite so many ridiculous situations.

I was (and am) a little rebel, that much is true and to be fair, I had plenty of reasons for my rebellion  – but my Mum was right. (Again!)

Because being rebellious and going against the norm isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be and being independent and feisty can often get you into lots of unnecessary scrapes, if you don’t listen.

Thankfully over the years I’ve learned to focus my rebellious energy in much healthier, happier ways.  And guess what?

Yup. Most of the time, these days, I manage to keep myself out of any trouble.

See Mum. I did learn after all. *winks*



When did your #MumsKnowBest? Which advice do you wish you had listened to?! 

(I can’t help but wonder what things Elsie will remember from our little chats, when she’s all grown up!)

With love,






This post was created in collaboration with Littlewoods to celebrate and thank our Mums, because well, #MumsKnowBest! (Or most of the time, anyway).


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30 Discussions on
  • These are all so true, I don’t remember specifics, but the old adage- “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.” is one that will always bare true. There is always a kind way to say things, even if it is a sensitive topic. Now that we are parents it’s so easy to see that our parents were in the right! LOL

  • Lovely post. I think the ‘one day, when you have kids, you’ll understand’, is the ultimate one that most of us hear at some point, and you can’t imagine it is right, that your attitudes will be totally different, and then of course you find that it is. #thelist

  • The best advice my mam gave me in my teens was : if your friend splits up with her boyfriend never EVER slag off the boyfriend because they will be back together within days and then you’ll have to live with what you said!

    So true of teenage relationships!! Ha ha! I’ll definitely be passing that one on for when Gwenn gets into the “on again off again” zone. x


  • Recognise most of these. Think I gave my mum a rough time but as teenagers, we think we know best. Only when we become older, that we realise that mum was right and can appreciate them. I am saying similar things to my teenagers now.

  • I don’t think I am as grown up as you – I could never admit my mum was right! Now I have teenagers myself, I spend all my time trying to hide from them all the very naughty things I did as a teenager because I am so scared they will copy me! Do as I say, not as I did! #TheList

  • Ahh what a lovely post Katie! My mum came to stay last week for 4 nights. She isn’t the easiest person to live with as she thinks she’s always right! ;) We had a few little moments but generally it was lovely to have her to stay. She was kind enough to look after Seb while I went to work. She lives about an hour away so I don’t see her as much as I like. While she was hear we were heading into town for a walk and she said “It looks like its going to rain, lets take an umbrella.” I said “Noo, it’s sunny! we’ll be fine”. Needless to say in ten minutes we were rushing back to the house as it started to lightly rain, then the heavens opened. She was happy to gloat “I told you so!” It was rather funny and a prime example of “mothers know best”! hehe xxx

  • Awww what a cute advert and a beautiful post. I think Elsie will be the same when she’s older until she has her own children, it’s just a part of growing isn’t it. I can resonate with so many of these! My mum used to say over and over again that I’d understand why she worries one day. As soon as I fell pregnant and was so protective over my little bump it hit me. :-) xx #thelist

  • oh Kate, what a wonderful post. It is only now that as a mummy myself, I completely get where my mum was coming from. I understand the constant worry and I know that I will worry about my children even when they are grown up and married! I love my mum and hope to be half as good a mum as she was then. Then Id be pretty happy xx

  • They do know best, but it’s our job as teenagers to push them and test that… Erm… Then we realise they really do know best and are big enough to admit it :) #TheList

  • What a lovely post! I wasn’t a particularly rebellious child or teenager. I did go goth at about 14 but that was because I wanted to escape bullies. Mum does know best though, she told me things would get better when I couldn’t believe it and they did!xx #TheList

  • It is interesting how you don’t appreciate the things your mom said to you when you were young, until you grow up and have a kid yourself. What a different perspective :)

  • I said to my just turned 9 year old the other day that one day she will understand why I say no to somethings – my dad probably said these things more to me than my mum and most of the time he knew best #TheList

  • Lovely post. Gosh, all of these are so true, although in my case it was Dad who brought me up so I would change the hashtag :)
    You and your mum look so alike, both beautiful.
    Becky xx

  • Loved reading this – it reminded me of similar times. The worst thing is suddenly hearing myself saying things to my children that my mum used to say to me – and then thinking about the inevitability of it all! But mum’s definitely know best and you realise that as soon as you become one. #TheList

  • I think we all put our mums through it don’t we?! Poor mums! My sister was wild and so I tried to be the ‘good’ one but I still think I gave my mum her share of stresses! xxx

  • Love this post :) Makes me think of all the things I ignored as a teenager that turned out to be right! Where would we be without our mums! Thanks for hosting #TheList :)

  • Ah literally all of these apply to me I was such a little sod as a teen I thought I knew it all but I’m still just learning now, our parents really must of felt like they were banging there head against a brick wall. We will get our pay back for sure in a few years time when our girls ‘know it all” #thelist x

  • This is a lovely tribute to your mom, I bet she loved reading it! She had wonderful advice for you growing up, but the only way to learn is to make your own mistakes. The saying, you can’t put an old head on young shoulders says it all. It’s really nice to look back & let mom know that you heard her & she was right :) #TheList x

  • At the age of 35, I have found myself living with my mother again, albeit temporarily, so there is an ongoing (and growing!) list of things we disagree on. It will be interesting to see what things she has been right about as I get more experienced at parenting!

  • Oh I couldn’t agree more with all of the above examples and it terrifies me a little bit (a lot) now that I have a daughter of my own! Your mum looks lovely and I bet she loved this post too :) Mim x #thelist

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