A reminder to grab a cuppa tomorrow…for a good cause


IN CASE you’ve missed all the many posters, flyers and social media alerts whizzing around lately, here’s a quick reminder to grab yourself a cuppa tomorrow morning, and cake (naturally), for a very good cause.

Yes folks, taking place tomorrow is the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ which involves people from all walks of life getting together to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Unbelievably the first Macmillan Coffee Morning took place 24 years ago and has raised a whopping £113.5million to help those affected by cancer. Impressive ey?

And as most of us, if not all, probably know at least one person who has been affected by cancer, what lovelier way is there to help raise a little money for this brilliant charity than to drink tea, slurp coffee and feast on all manner of baking delights.

I’m off tomorrow morning to do this very thing and I can’t wait. It’s always such a treat. And to make sure I look suitably lovely (and not absolutely exhausted which is pretty much how I feel right now) I’m going to be indulging in a wee spot of pampering tonight, thanks to the kind people at Frank Body who are backing tomorrow’s big fundraising bash and have sent me a sample of their cult coffee scrub to try.

Yes folks, it appears that if you don’t like to drink coffee (like me, a devoted tea drinker) you can instead use the finest coffee beans to help polish up your skin and stimulate blood-flow and circulation! Who knew?!

Celebs and beauty bloggers alike have great things to say about Frank products so come tomorrow morning I’m pretty confident I should be (tea) party ready and raring to go.

Pampering, tea, cake…and all for a wonderful cause? Rather super isn’t it? Get involved you can and find out more here:  macmillan.org.uk/coffee


With love,




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“A reminder to grab a cuppa tomorrow…for a good cause”
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  • Gorgeous picture and what a great cause, thanks for letting me know about (not sure how I missed it), enjoy your coffee scrub, had read it’s really good for your skin! I’m like you and love tea over coffee so look forward to reading your review, mwah x

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