I’VE long been interested in the spiritual world.

Many mock it. Many others question it. And some of course detest it.

But since being in my teens, strange things (that can’t be explained) have happened to me. And so, an open-minded interest in all things spiritual, has developed in me over the years.

Recently, weird and wonderful things have started to happen to me much more frequently and it’s led me to believe that there really could be something in all of this.

Just my opinion of course.

But I’ve experienced far too many strange things, which have convinced me. Particularly in my own home. (As has little Elsie too.)

Because of this, I’ve seen a couple of mediums in the past, one lady in particular who was so accurate with some of the things she told me, that it actually made me cry.

And then, a few weeks ago, I received an email asking if I’d like to do a reading with Emma Kinsey, one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums.

The email arrived in my inbox at a time in my life when I was questioning all kinds of things, so I was very keen to give it a go.

At just 31, Emma Kinsey has already established herself as a trusted and respected psychic medium, appearing in the media often and citing many celebrities as her fans, so I was pretty excited to hear what she may have to say.

Our conversation was held via Skype and in absolute honesty, I really couldn’t see how this might work out.

All readings I’ve had in the past were carried out face to face, not over a webcam, so although I wasn’t entirely skeptical, I was a little bemused, shall we say.

When the day came for our chat, I was running a bit late, from an earlier meeting so getting set up was all a bit rushed and manic.

I didn’t feel ‘prepared’ and as I was late, I lost a bit of our chat time too – our thirty minutes became twenty minutes.

“There’s just no way I’m going to get much from this,” I thought.

But. I was wrong.


Once pleasantries were out of the way, Emma began and the first two words she said, took my breath away. So much so, I had to compose myself as the words related to someone who means a great deal to me.

And on the reading continued, in this similar kind of vein.

I’m not going to get too much into the nitty gritty of our conversation as of course, so much of what was said was so personal.

But what I can tell you is that both of my Grandads ‘stepped forward’ to communicate with me, through Emma.

My Dad’s father was the first to ‘come through’ providing Emma with all kinds of information about our family and me. Stuff that Emma could not have known, including how he passed away.

She told me that my Grandad was a strong and ever present protective influence around me (words that were funnily enough mentioned to me by another medium less than a year ago) and she also asked if I had ever been told, that I could ‘sense spirits’.

I haven’t.

But. (And here’s the thing).

I’ve always suspected that I can.

Only a few people know this about me, but as I say, strange things happen to me all the time and being able to sense a different energy (for want of a better phrase) happens to me on a regular basis.

I told Emma this and she reassured me, saying that I was right, that I absolutely could ‘sense spirits’ but that I must not be frightened, as most of the time, the spirit I’m sensing is my Grandad who is always with me.

A lovely thought, whether you believe in it or not.

Lots more was said.

Some of it, I couldn’t figure out, until after. Some of it, doesn’t yet make sense. Some of it was stuff that is actually happening to me right now – such as my book deal and conversations around a potential TV show.

And of course, I’d be silly to ignore that Emma could have read about these things here on my blog or elsewhere. She could have. And who knows? Perhaps she did.

But the rest of it? The personal stuff, the stuff about me and my relationships? Well she could never have known about these kind of things and I have to say…

Emma was spot. On.

I share so much of my life and soul on here, but some of the stuff she told me, I have only ever shared with a few people. So make of that what you will.

After a while, my other Grandad came through which I was delighted about, as he passed away many years ago when I was a baby.

I’ve always been told that I’m a lot like him in terms of intelligence and his ‘love for books!’, so when she told me, that he wanted me to know that he “was proud of me“, I’m not at all embarrassed to say I shed a little tear.

Again, more was said, that no one could have known. Information about my Mum, about me and about my marriage.

And then before I knew it, time was up, with one departing message, that again took the wind out of my sails, a little.

All in all, my chat with Emma really was mind blowing.

Yes, I appreciate that some stuff, she could have researched about me. Yes, I have an open mind about it all and cannot of course, say that it was true. Yes, I get that many people will think it’s all a load of make believe.

But I tell you… if I do give birth to a son, in the next couple of years and he turns out to be a talented sportsperson (a message both Grandads gave me!), well, the lovely Emma Kinsey will have me absolutely convinced.

Time will tell, ey?



If you’d like to have a reading with Emma, you can book a session with her here. Alternatively follow her on Twitter.

What do you think? Am I bonkers? Has anything weird but kinda wonderful happened to you? Does it spook you? Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this.


With love,






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