OK, I’m a day late, but with a poorly toddler to look after, what can you do?! 

Thank you to EVERYONE who commented on or shared my open letter to women in abusive relationships last week. It was a post that I’d wanted to write for a while and in all honesty, one that I was very fearful of posting. Hitting that publish button took me a few seconds and a couple of deep breaths I tell you, but I’m so glad I did because the response has been overwhelming.

As blogging highlights go, it is definitely one of them, with – at the last count – nearly 350 people sharing it on social media. The wonderful Letters Of Note (I’m a big fan, do check out this amazing blog and buy the book too if you can, you won’t regret it!) kindly retweeted my link on Twitter and as a result, many people picked it up, commented on it and shared it, including the editor of Glamour UK! I kid you not, it was all a bit surreal.

But whilst it is wonderful to write a post that is popular and really touches people’s hearts, I have to say on this occasion, it was a bittersweet feeling because sadly it highlights how common domestic abuse is and how many people’s lives have been affected by it.

I have received so many comments, emails and tweets from people who have either survived an abusive relationship, know someone who has experienced domestic violence or who are living with abuse on a daily abuse, right now. You might even have been one of the people to get in touch with me. (Please note if I haven’t got back to you yet, I will do I promise.)

I even received an email from a man who besides thanking me, wanted to share his own incredibly sad story and point out that domestic abuse is not just experienced by women. That it can and does affect men too. An important point to note for all of us.

As domestic abuse  is far more common than most of us realise (and I would add, want to think about) here are some links which may be useful. Please share them if you can. x


For fellow ‘comrades’ & survivors

For people living with domestic abuse

  • Remember you are NOT alone (even though you may feel like you are).
  • Try this page on the Women’s Aid website for free confidential advice and to access useful information and downloadable booklets.
  • If you’re unsure whether you are experiencing domestic abuse, answer these questions.
  • Here is a list of confidential help lines.
  • Find brilliant practical advice here from Refuge as well as information on how you can get a safe place in a refuge.


  • Please Watch this video to learn how you can help to spot domestic abuse signs and how you can support a loved one or friend who may be experiencing it.


Thank you everyone. See you tomorrow for something a little more lighthearted!

With love (and pouts)





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