IT all started with a dress.

This dress. A special Frozen dress (which lights up and has a magical brooch and everything!)

Yep, Elsie would go to…Disney On Ice Presents World Of Enchantment, courtesy of the kind people at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena who invited me, Elsie and two guests (my sister Sal and niece Ella) as their VIPs on the front row.

A reminder, if ever there was one, that blogging really has changed not just my life, but my family’s too.

(I think I did a little squeal for Elsie when I got the email.)

So on a cold, wet Friday night, at just before teatime, when everyone else was still beavering away at work or at school, the four of us grabbed some drinks and chips and settled down to watch Disney On Ice in Sheffield.


And what a treat it was. Look at these two excited girls!


I’ve never seen the show before, neither had Elsie, so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I knew that Elsie would love it. How could she not when it featured three of her favourite films – Toy Story, Cars and Frozen? (She’s not yet acquainted with the Little Mermaid yet, but she will be!)

But I couldn’t help but wonder, would it live up to the hype?


The show began with a quick introduction from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, much to Elsie’s delight, followed by the first ‘story’ of the night, Toy Story – a colourful, action packed sequence of storytelling, if slightly a little too long in parts.


As Buzz, Woody and all the other favourite characters skated around the rink, I was torn between watching Elsie’s beautiful, expressive face and watching the show!

But it’s safe to say it was a sure fire hit with my little girl, even if the aliens just were not on the rink long enough for her pleasure.


Next up was The Little Mermaid, the bit I and my big sister had been particularly looking forward to, as my niece Ella got to go on the ice as part of the show! (Sadly Elsie was too little but loved seeing her cousin enjoying the limelight).


As the bubbles came down and the stars of the film skated around, with Ella (and two other children- my competition ticket winners!) on the ice, it was all beginning to feel incredibly special.


And dare I say it, but a little magical.

After a quick interval and ice cream, next up was Cars, which was brilliant! How on earth they got cars on to the rink, driving about, I do not know, but it was fantastic and definitely one of our favourite bits of the entire show.


And finally, after being entertained for well over an hour or so, it was time for the part of the show, that I’m guessing nearly every single little girl in the audience (and possibly the boys too!) had been eagerly waiting for.

Yes folks, it was time for Frozen. Cue gasps.

Would the show live up to the film? Would ‘Let It Go’ be just as fabulous on the ice?

Well, yes it did and yes it was.


With fireworks and ‘snow’, the Frozen section was incredible, telling the story quickly but managing to keep hold of all the best bits.


Elsie’s face was an absolute picture throughout, as she watched Elsa skate around the ice, in her own light up Elsa dress. ( Sorry for the blurry photo, but I had to show you this!)


She was utterly enthralled and I love the way she’s looking at Anna in this photo. So close, she could have almost touched her, if I hadn’t held her back!


After two hours watching, singing and dancing along to a cracker of a show, it was time to call it a night.


And my verdict?!

Well, I loved it. As we all did.

Yes it’s for kids. Yes it’s expensive (ticket prices go up to about £50) but, it sure is very special. A brilliant family show that well deserves the hype.

However I will give you one word of warning, if you do decide to go – (and if you do, you really won’t regret it) – just be aware that the merchandise costs a bomb.

I’m talking princely sums here. Like £22 for a plastic glow up wand!

So unless, you’re a Queen Elsa with unlimited pockets, you might perhaps want to take your own glow up wands or Disney toys with you or alternatively, make a quick dash past the stalls when you’re with your little people, to avoid meltdown city.

Ridiculous merchandise prices aside, please don’t let it stop you from going or put you off.

I found the show to be everything I hoped for /expected it to be from Disney. And it’s certainly magical enough to warm even the most cynical of hearts.


Huge thanks to the lovely Sheffield Motorpoint Arena team for kindly inviting us to attend the show and for making my niece’s year by giving her the amazing opportunity of going on the ice! (Aunty brownie points for life, I reckon!)

Disney will return to Sheffield Arena next Autumn with another brand new ice spectacular! Book early to avoid disappointment.


With love,






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