WHEN it comes to style at this time of year, it’s all about the coat is it not?

The coat that keeps us warm, protects us from the rather chilly (and often wet) elements and hopefully makes us looks super chic.

It’s not so easy though, is it? Picking a decent winter coat? As it has to do so many things. And it has to do them well.

We need to be practical but pretty. Warm but not too warm.  We need pockets and quality and preferably some stand out detail too.

Yep, it can be a little tricky.

I’ve got a couple of really smashing coats for winter that I’ve acquired over the past few years and recently, I’ve added a new one to my growing collection – this chic and incredibly warm little wonder from Precis Petite.

KateChristmasFINAL 6aKateChristmasFINAL 4aKateChristmasFINAL 5a

This faux fur wool coat is beautifully made, super soft to the touch (very important at this time of year when comfort is most definitely needed!) and fully lined.

And trimmed with fur, it’s an absolute delight to wear! What can I say, I love me some faux fur!

KateChristmasFINAL 16aKateChristmasFINAL 19a

As a long coat, mid calf length on me, it definitely needs to be worn with heels. Otherwise, like with many winter coats, it can look a bit swampy when on!

But actually, it’s elegant design almost insists a good few additional inches of height in the way of a decent heel anyway, so it works really well.

KateChristmasFINAL 25a

I like to wear it over my favourite Topshop skinny jeans and my beloved knee high black suede boots, that I bought from M&S about five years ago and which are still going strong.

KateChristmasFINAL 1a

In this shoot, I’ve also paired it with my Selfish Mother Tee (seriously one of the best fashion brands out there as you get to buy a cool tee and support women while you’re at it) and my new trusty sunglasses from Firmoo, which I absolutely adore.

My husband thinks they look too eighties?! But I love the tortiseshell frame and tinted mirror glass.

I’ve also worn this stunning coat over dresses, which also works a treat. Because yep, this coat looks pretty much at home with whatever you are wearing.

KateChristmasFINAL 27aKateChristmasFINAL 15a

With the buttons buttoned up and the fur just so in place, it rightly takes the limelight. Heck, you could even wear your pyjamas underneath and still look like the chicest woman on the block.

In fact now I come to mention it, that’s actually not a bad idea at all…

(I won’t tell anyone, if you don’t.)


With love,







Disclaimer: The coat and sunglasses were kindly gifted. Photos by Masque Photography.


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