8 reasons to wear statement necklaces

a little red dress and corker of a statement necklace

MY love for dangly earrings has always been incredibly strong.

It was my first jewellery love and I think I’ll now be forever partial to a bit of fabulous ear wear. Especially if it sparkles or is bold in colour.

But becoming a mum for the first time over two and half years ago, introduced me to a new item of jewellery that I’d never really tried or had an inkling for before.

It introduced me to the statement necklace. A big hunka chunka piece of jewellery that screams “I am here, I am fancy and I am damn right fabulous!”

Hell yeah!

I soon realised when Elsie was a newborn that if I wanted to hang onto my ears, I should probably stop wearing earrings that caught her attention and attracted her beautiful chubby hands.

And so I started to wear bangles (that she could play with) and began to dabble with a statement necklace or two.

Since then, I’ve never gone back. Sure my jewellery cabinet is now fit for bursting but hey, at least my neckline dazzles.

Danglies (I know this sounds wrong!) will always have a place in my heart but the statement necklace has also managed to squeeze in there too over the past few years and gained my affection.

And here is why I love them…


close up rainbow

1) They project confidence

They’re not called statement necklaces for nothing.

You’ve got to be pretty bold to wear a statement necklace, as they don’t ask for attention, they demand it. If you’re having a “I’m rubbish” kind of day but have to face the world with your confident head on, then this is your jewellery best friend.

2) They’re kid friendly (kinda)

Are they toddler proof? Possibly not.

But they sure tend to be hardier to crack and break, than say a beloved bespoke gold chain. Yes kids will be attracted to them, yes they’ll want to touch them and yes you might experience a few casualties, but at least you won’t lose your precious expensive pieces to determined little hands.

3) They inject personality

Beaded or bejewelled. Metallic or colourful. Pretty or edgy. There is a statement necklace for everyone. All you need to do is find the ones that speak your style language.

4) They liven up an outfit

A simple dress, a crisp white shirt, a plain ol’ T-shirt – all perfect backgrounds for the statement necklace to shine. (However they look equally lovely with prints and patterns too).

5) They’re easy to wear

Earrings can get tangled in your hair. Bracelets can annoy you when you’re typing away. Delicate necklaces can get easily broken. But these bad boys of jewellery are pretty easy to wear, as far as accessories go.

6) They bring attention to your face

Statement necklaces will attract people’s attention to your neck area and then to your beautiful face. The perfect piece for when you want people to be looking at you and listening to what you have to say. (Like when you’re in a meeting etc)

7) They’re a talking point

We’ve all been there. Those events and ‘dos’ where you’re stuck with a bunch of strangers and no one quite knows what to say.

Unless that is, you’re wearing a necklace that is a statement piece.

Then people will open their mouths and comment on it. Then people will compliment or ask you where you got it from. Then some (crazy) people will make a joke about it.

Then people will talk. Wanna get the conversation flowing? Help people engage with you? Give them something to talk about with one of your favourite statement pieces.

8) They’re FABULOUS

Obvious yet, but has to be said. In all shapes, in all sizes, in all styles,  the statement necklace is one fabulous piece of fashion.

It speaks so you don’t have to. It’s bold and dramatic. It makes ordinary clothes look something special and helps the wearer look and feel fantastic.

I ask you, really, what is not to love?


And my new favourites?

8 reasons to love statement necklaces

These super necklaces from Closet Treasure who kindly sent me them as a gift. One edgy, one pretty. Well, a gal needs choices ey? Thank you Closet Treasure! x (Do check out their lovely new site which stocks super jewels as well as preloved pieces.)

With love,






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10 Discussions on
“8 reasons to wear statement necklaces”
  • Katie, I love your passion for jewellery. I think you love the shiny stuff as much as I do! I went through a statement necklace period a while ago, but then I navigated away from it because I got a bee in my bonnet about fine jewellery and costume jewellery (I know, I know – who cares, right?). That said, I rocked a lot of costume jewellery on my wedding day!

    I remember one of the first posts of yours I read was about your beaded rainbow necklace from Topshop (I think it was from Topshop). I remember thinking how you rocked that whole outfit.

    I adore jewellery. I can’t go out without some of it on – and my bestie Jo has named me the ‘earring’ queen. I ADORE Oak Jewellery – and although I would say that (because I work for them), I only got to that stage because I loved them so much and wouldn’t shut up about them.

    Your advice about wearing statement necklaces to preserve fine jewellery pieces is such a brilliant idea though. I’ll be heading to the shops straight after work today! x

  • Great post Katie – I’ve been known to wear the odd statement necklace recently and it came out of nowhere as I’ve always been a bit chicken – what if I chose the wrong one?! Then one day, I was like I’m going to buy that necklace. I’ve loved it sooo much! I just need a few more to add to the repertoire I think. Yours look absolutely beautiful :)

    Thanks for linking up lovely xx #TheList

  • I’ve always loved big jewellery and bright colours. I wear a lot of spots and stripes too but my boyfriend prefers muted tones and delicate jewellery. I think in the early days of our relationship I tried to change my style at times to fit in with what he likes but that’s just not who I am. I’m afraid there’s nothing refined about me! I’m a bit of an extrovert, clumsy (clamity Toria), giggly and ditsy so it’s nice to express that through my clothes. Hurrah for statement necklaces! I am planning a shopping trip for summer wear and some new necklaces are already on my list. xx

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