July 2012

Waiting for Bean…

Very soon life is going to change. In fact, everything is going to completely change for my husband and I. We’re waiting for the arrival of our little bundle of joy, our now not-so-little Bean. ¬†Waiting for our son or daughter to come into the world and change our lives forever. Soon, we will no longer be a couple, but a family. It’s a pretty awesome thought. At 39 weeks

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My Maternity Must-Haves Part 2: Well-being

Growing a little person is hard work at times, which is exactly why us mums to be need to take extra special care of ourselves! To help you do just that, here are my maternity wellbeing must-haves and tips, to help keep you feeling great throughout the nine months. All have been tried, tested and LOVED by me. So have a well-earned rest, put your feet up, grab a cuppa

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