WOMEN get an incredibly tough deal, in this world, at times.

So it makes sense for us to stick together right?

We all know this (or most of us do) yet how many of us can say we do this? Like really?

How many of us can say, “sure, I know how to be a good sister!

I mean, honestly, can you?

From a young age, we are taught that our fellow sisters are to be competed with, that they’re not to be trusted, that women are all ‘bitches’ and ‘two faced’, but yet, in my experience this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, some women, can be hard work to get along with or damn right awful. Just like some men can be.

But the majority of the brilliant women I know, are fabulous. Supportive, encouraging, inspirational and beautiful.

Sometimes though, we have to learn how to be better ‘sisters’ or we need a reminder to be kind, supportive and encouraging to other women.

So to give us all a much needed boost and help widen the sisterly love – (because goodness knows, we sure all need to work on improving it at times) – here are my top 10 Commandments of Sisterhood.

If it resonates, please do feel free to copy the image or share etc if you wish. I’ve been playing with fancy editing tools (get me huh?!) so I rather like this one! x


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  • Oh I love this. I really have come across some awful situations (as I used to work in Human Resources) of people just not working together, being awful to one another, and making for such a bad atmosphere. I have been a mediator on many occasions. Usually for the most trivial of things! I try (wherever I can) to be nice to anyone that I come across nowadays; I think as you get older you haven’t got the energy for it anymore have you? There will always be an element of rivalry in anything so I do try to distance myself from any conflict and stay as neutral as possible. Not always easy, but you feel a better person for it. Great post :) Jess x

    • Gosh you’re spot on about the energy thing Jess! You’re right! Too many people suck our energy by being hard to deal with or creating situations when there aren’t any. I guess it all stems from insecurities etc, but I’m with you, life is too short for it and it’s always best to move on or just stay out of the conflict as much as possible. Although sometimes, I’ll add, I do think it’s important to challenge people to. It’s about choosing which battles to fight I guess! X

    • Thanks Leigh! Women can be mean, that is true, and we all have met some or perhaps even been that woman at times, but I really think to move forward we have got to start supporting each other and realising that other woman are not the enemy. (Unless they’re just totally horrid human beings of course! ;-)) x

  • I love this! I think people should do this more. I had a bad work experience (sexism after children) and would you believe the culprit was a woman. But us women do need to stick together and support and encourage and inspire one another #thelist

  • Hell yeah! Genius lovely! Too much competition and bitchiness. Together we are stonger and we should remember that. Fabulous post huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  • Oh Kate I really do love this post. I will always try and be supportive of fellow bloggers and women, always. I think it’s so important, but sadly I have friends within my friendship circle who still don’t celebrate others successes, presumeably jealousy but it does hurt and sting. I should probably realise this and stop the friendship but I am loyal and as long as we don’t mention things related to careers then we get on so well. You often write posts about this kind of thing, about being supportive to other women and I often read them, albeit sometimes later when I see a link pop up on Twitter. It’s so hard sometimes as when you get success, (I’m mainly talking about blogging here) there are others who just aren’t happy for you, but for those few that aren’t there are lots that are, and i guess we should focus on that. I love these commandments and think we should all take time to remember them. Xx

    • Thank you so much Katie! You’re one of the most supportive fellow bloggers I know, so you have nothing to worry about there.Just keep on doing what you are doing ;-) It is very sad when people you care about, like friends or family members, cannot celebrate your success with you, but as you say, it’s really not about us, but people’s own insecurities and jealousies.

      I do really try to write posts that I think women can relate to, because I think so much of what we read about women is negative or competitive. We hear so much bad stuff about our sex, we’re not respected as much as men, our voices are too often silenced etc, so I’m just trying to do my little bit to even out the balance! ;-) So thank you for popping by and yes, let’s all try to kinder to each other. xxx

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